Shape the distribution of our climate budget!

In 2020 we reach out to European citizens to co-create a legally compliant framework which is modern and effective. All citizens and activists are encouraged to fund or promote sustainable projects that provide self-measurement on how they reduce carbon emission. Start by signing up.

Our Vision

In a green society, sustainable movements should have access to financial technology to empower themselves. We want activists and global citizens to be able to generate funding for their projects at heart.

At best, this is possible with barely any dependency on conservative institutions. The time has come to free ourselves from unnecessary paperwork and old structures while maintaining a balanced use of resources. Therefore, we leverage modern toolkits to form holistic resource pools that enable ideas to collect funds and realise their roadmap.

The Mission

To fulfil our vision, we strive to enable impact investing via token economics. This is beneficial to all stakeholders.

Activists can raise awareness and funds, citizens decide if proposals have enough benefit to them and investors get their hands on structured assets which serve their needs. Those assets are tradeable, divisible, resource-efficient and guard against third party risk. By offering this solution, we contribute to the foundation of a carbon-neutral future.

To achieve this dream in practical terms, it is necessary to institute a financial institution in order to comply with regulatory requirements. Down the road, we aim to establish a public good organization which supports sustainable products, startups and projects which foster a greener economy.

In 2020 we reach out to European citizens to help in creating a legally compliant framework which is both modern and practical. All citizens and activists are encouraged to fund or promote their favorite projects that provide self-measurement on how they impact carbon emission. Start by signing up.

Together we are building a common good organization which supports sustainable products, startups and projects to shape the future of a greener economy – a future with neutral carbon emission.

Cooperation, Collaboration

Traditional organizations co-create products. We co-create the organization. Join the movement.

We initiated a platform which allows you to further grow your sustainable projects and receive feedback from stakeholders. Distributed technology enables us to transparently govern citizen voices, votes and funds.

Think of Kickstarter for your green collaborative ideas

We understand that technology should serve its users. That’s the reason why we are inviting citizens of the European Union to co-create the organization and give our platform a spin of their own ideas. Be the beneficiary and shaper of a greener future.

In the last three years, we did a lot of engineering. Starting in 2020, we finally received the grandfathering-approval of BaFin in Germany. However, one step is missing. Before we launch the platform, we are required to submit additional paperwork.

The content of the documents includes how we are working as an organization, how the technology works under the hood and how legal aspects of our PFF-organization are addressed.

Help us co-create the content and benefit from growing influence in a growing business case promoting our shared vision.

How can a common good
organization look like?


The organization provides a platform where EU-citizens are actively involved in contributing and having a voice.


The organization presents data to stakeholders, so informed decision-making about carbon-reducing projects is possible.

Sustainable Development

The organization maps projects with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to measure the sustainable impact.


The organization guarantees that projects have a legally compliant entity to deal within the European Union.

Projects For Future Prototype

PFF-Dashboard example

See your key metrics and incoming funding on your project dashboard. It provides stakeholders with a transparent view of the important facts.

The PFF-Platform

Token Generator

There is no coding required. The platform generates smart contracts automatically.

Token Sale

Run a token sale campaign to raise funding for your project. Publish content videos and images of your project and team.

Token Distribution

Distribute your project tokens to the crowd and collect votes for your project and idea.

Versatile Integrations

Receive funding via Bitcoin (Lightning), Ethereum and Stellar for your project. Additional integrations are in progress.

How can the Projects For Future
platform support you?

How it helps impact investors?

Ben is an impact investor and is continually monitoring markets for sustainable projects which are worth supporting.

He logs into the PFF-platform, sorts and filters project he invested in and looks for new opportunities. He finds Charlie’s project and sends him a message with questions that remain critical to his participation.

He looks at the statistics and is ready to invest in the project with Bitcoin, crypto assets or Euro. Ben doesn’t care whether Charlie intends to run away with the fund, as he knows PFF is a financial institution approved by the BaFin, in addition to that the underlying smart contract makes sure that the funds are released only when criteria are met, that were declared on the roadmap. Thereby, both sides can rest assured that their agreements are reliable and fulfilled.

How does it help developers?

Angela is a frontend developer and designer. She works for a non-profit organization (NPO) which is already using the PFF-platform.

The NPO would like to take the next step – creating a customized crowdfunding platform based on PFF.

The NPO would like to have the same features but in a different look and feel. Angela looks at the documentation of the PFF-platform and can design and develop a custom user interface on top of the RESTful API.

Now, members of her NPO can benefit from PFF under their own brand and labels.

How does it help innovators?

Charlie is an industrial engineer working on a new process for desalination of ocean water.

His innovative process is three times more efficient than existing technologies which require fossil fuel and external sources of energy. Charlie registers on Projects for Future (PFF) and submits the project details to get feedback, find supporters and collect funding.

Within four weeks, Charlie gathers enough backers and upvotes for his concept. Charlie and other project visitors can follow the project as it progresses on the platform. Charlie is able to validate and finetune his roadmap to go for the next steps.

Our Partners & Supporters

You work for an organization and share our common vision? Let’s talk about how we can help each other.

The Roadmap

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb

In September 2019 the Sustainable Development Impact Summit took place under the theme “Mobilizing Action for Inclusive Societies”. The World Economic Forum concluded the summit with the following words:

We need a new economic model – a model that benefits people and planet.

In order to build sustainable markets, the World Economic Forum identifies three main areas which need to be changed: a shift in corporate business models, a reoriented and mobilized financial system and an enabling environment that promotes regulation and incentivizes action.

Projects For Future takes these three main areas into action. We are mobilizing EU-citizens and are creating an inclusive organization where partners and supporters will be able to create a platform for sustainable business models, which creates a new tokenized financial economy and thus enables businesses and individuals to grow sustainably.

Together we’ll master the road ahead. Join us!

Our Story

The idea of PFF started three years ago during the ICO-hype. People lost money, scammers ran away with funds, projects went out of business, and many other sad stories happened.

We are confident the vast potential remains. Only it has to be formalized so that stakeholders can rely on the agreements they participate in. Back in the days, we pictured a society where capable individuals or teams with good ideas find backers for their project. This society can be created when we create a trusted environment.

Inspired by the Fridays for Future movement we refocused our use case to sustainable development. That was the starting point of Projects for Future.


Apr 2020

BaFin grandfathering

We received the grandfathering approval by the german BaFin


Aug 2020

Announcement crowd effort

Publication and announcement of the project to co-create a public good company.


Aug 2020

Onboarding community

We start to onboard contributors, partners and advisors.


Aug 2020

Find project category leads

There are main areas of responsibilities which are assigned to category leads.


Sep 2020

Vote for projects

Voting process starts for selected sustainable projects.


Oct 2020

Start of the security audit

Third-party security experts start to review and audit the source code of the platform.


Oct 2020

Security audit passed

Third-party security experts reviewed the source code and disclosed security issue are fixed by the developers.


Nov 2020

Deadline for the application for permission

The deadline to receive the final application for permission by the german Bafin.

The Projects For Future Advisors and Friends

Olaf Norman Landwehr

Olaf Norman Landwehr


Blu Print AG

Dr. Rolf Schröder

Dr. Rolf Schröder

Managing Partner

Blu Swarm

Become a part of our advisory board

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Thanks for keeping the attention and your valuable time!

We are in preparation for the next steps and milestones to be reached.

Do you have questions?
We probably haven’t answered all the questions on this page yet, but we will make sure to update the content along the way with feedback from the community.

More content and details about Projects For Future are already in the content pipeline. Stay alerted and subscribe our newsletter for the upcoming updates and news.

Learn More About
Decentralised Governance & Impact Investing

SAFG: A Governance Framework for Participatory Investing & Protocol Development

On 30 April 2020, Gavin McDermott introduced the Simple Agreement for Future Government (SAFG) on his medium blog. In one of his Twitter thread, he summarised the critical properties of SAFG. 

Thread 7 matches our vision of Projects For Future. We use SAFG to design and develop our PFF-platform to become fully community-driven. Thank you, Gavin, for your inspiration!

You would like to learn more about SAFG? Check out the SAFG introduction by DeFi Rate.

Impact Investing: Generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return

The term appeared in 2007, but the basic idea was shaped in earlier years. The purpose of impact investing is to reduce the harmful effects of business activity on the social environment.

“Impact investing appeals largely to younger generations, such as millennials, who want to give back to society, so this trend is likely to expand as these investors gain more influence in the market. “

Source: Investopedia

There are excellent resources to read on the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN) website. You can find research results, case studies and educational content about impact investing like the Why do you need to need to know about impact investment page.

The purpose of impact investing drives us at Projects For Future. Combined with SAFG and decentralized governance, we will become the decentralized impact investing platform for carbon-reduction.

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